Building a Cyber Security SaaS business, with Prabir Saha

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On this episode your host Ehsan Ali talks to Prabir Saha, an ex Senior IT professional who decided to leave his lucrative career in late forties to launch his start-up, which he turned into a multiple 7 figure business within 3 years. Not only that, he transformed multiple areas of his life at the same time.

Prabir is fun, inspiring and full of wisdom.. 

Prabir shares his complete roadmap: 
starting from 
building the runway before quitting his job, 
finding the right environment to learn entrepreneurship, 
identifying the business idea, 
building team, finding first few clients, 
buidling product to growing the business, 
make it profitable….

He also talks about the strategies and practical techniques to transform any area of life.

Listen to the conversation to get inspired, learn, have fun, and make important decisions to build your own future of your choice.

If you aspire to start a business, even if it’s not SaaS, this will definitely give you practical insights to start the journey without delaying another day.