From Chartered Accountant to Cyber Security with Anu Kukar, Associate Partner, IBM & Keynote Speaker

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Do you want to switch career?

Do you want to enter into management roles?

Then this episode is the answer to your questions.

From being a doer to entering into management roles,

From being an Executive Manager to becoming an Associate Partner at IBM,

Her journey showcases her passion to learn, her purpose to implement, and her determination to achieve.

Anu Kukar was born and raised in Denmark and has an Indian background. Soon after completing her graduation, she moved to Australia for her Master’s.

She is currently working as an Associate Partner for Cybersecurity strategy, risk, and compliance in Australia and New Zealand at IBM and as a Director in Arascina.

Her 20 years of experience is strategically divided between Consulting and Industry which gives her the depth and breadth required to be the thought leader.

She has demonstrated her C to C, Chartered accountant to Cybersecurity journey in the following stages:

  • An Accountant at Winn Croucher Partners 
  • A Client Manager at Deloitte 
  • An Executive Manager in Risk and Compliance at Commonwealth Bank
  • The Director in Risk Innovation at KPMG 
  • The Associate Partner at IBM

In this episode of Empowering Indian Expats, you will learn about

  • Exploring all aspects of life
  • Learning something new every day
  • Adding value in every job 
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Switching internally and externally
  • Mindset shift from doing to influencing other
  • Importance of vertical and horizontal growth
  • Direct exposure to the corporate world
  • Alignment of role and purpose
  • Upskilling/ upgrading and its implementation
  • Adopting diversity
  • Social eminence

Loved the way she explained who she is from her name:

A – Advisor 

N – Nurturing Talent 

U – Untangling Risks 

She has also shared a roadmap for anyone who is looking to enter into the world of Cybersecurity.

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