In this era, building a career is akin to building a business – The Business of You! – Ehsan Ali
When I met Ehsan, I had been trying to move to a management role for about 2 years, but in vain. With Ehsan's guidance, I made a significant jump, I guess, 3 levels up. His 3C framework gave me the structure and focused action plan. He helped me throughout the process, including resume and interview preparation. He also connected me with mentors in Cyber Security world which was a game changer. I highly recommend hiring Ehsan as a coach if you are stuck in your career and you are ready to commit to your growth.

Jalpa, Associate Director KPMG

Senior Security Operations Analyst to Associate Director at KPMG

I had taken up a senior architect role after playing small for a few years in Australia. New organisation, high complexity and fast pace - It was overwhelming would be an understatement. Rather than stressing and trying on my own, I decided to hire a coach. Working with Ehsan, within 4 weeks, I had the situation under control. Within 3 months, I was leading a business unit. Aside from being a highly skilled coach, Ehsan also provided much-needed mentorship based on his own professional experience. Ehsan is passionate about coaching, he is humble and empathetic. I noticed he truly enjoys creating impact and seeing people succeed. I highly recommend Ehsan as a coach.

Geetha, Senior Architect

From overwhelmed to becoming a high performer in 3 months

From changing jobs to growing in higher-value roles to managing challenging projects, I have been privileged to have Ehsan as my coach and mentor. He constantly brought in new perspectives and instilled confidence in me to keep moving forward.

Rumana, Business Design Lead

From Test Analyst to Business BA to Business Design Lead

I hired Ehsan when I was in a terribly messy situation in Australia His ability to reframe the situation, re-instill confidence in me, coach and work closely with me at every step to my next desired move was extremely valuable.  He is knowledgeable, empathetic and generous with his time. He took time to understand my story and helped me craft an enhanced much more powerful version of me. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend him as a coach and mentor.

Jagan, Program Manager

From quitting his job in Australia to finding his next gig in Oman

I am so grateful to Ehsan for his guidance. I met him at a time when I was at an extreme stress level in my professional life. He developed a strategy that first brought down my anxiety and then worked very closely to land me my next role in my dream company. From developing my story and USP to cleaning my resume to interview preparation, he was there at every step of the journey. I highly recommend him as a coach and mentor

Tejas, Digital Business Analyst

Confused, lacking confidence to landing his dream job in 4 weeks

Ehsan's coaching framework is powerful and easy to follow at the same time. It allowed me to look at my aspiration holistically and then make decision that was well-aligned with my core values. Made me happier, more fulfilled and stopped me from getting distracted by what others are doing.

Navan Tirupathi

Principal Architect, CoreLogic Australia

Ehsan is a well-read coach who can give you ideas to progress and look at your career from a different yet great perspective. Thank you for the great conversation and guidance, Ehsan!

Pallavi Varma

Senior Project Management Consultant, Escient

Professionals who worked with Ehsan say

I had the privilege to work with Ehsan and be mentored by him. He always encouraged me to follow my heart and helped me realise my potential. He took ownership of equipping his team members with resources, professional training, coaching and mentoring required for us to succeed in our roles and careers. I haven't come across many people who carry the liveliness, boldness, empathy and generosity that Ehsan carries.

Jayashree Balasubramaniam

Senior Project Management Consultant, Escient

I worked briefly with Ehsan while I was in Australia but he made a lasting impression. His curiosity, inquisitiveness and attitude towards life is full of positivity. He is a very strong leader who empowers his team to take on risk and challenges and supports/mentors them along the way.

Neha Batra

Associate Director at Cognizant

I worked with Ehsan in a program management role in Melbourne at a financial institution with complex offerings. Looking back, I can't see myself succeeding without his mentorship. Australia was new to me and I was not in tune with Australia's work culture. Within 3 months, I was able to take over a challenging service delivery portfolio and improve the existing service SLAs in due course. I feel I grew exponentially in my professional competency and ability to think on my own feet during those 2 years.

Sagar Kaushik

Program Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

A leader extraordinaire. Ehsan is the person to go to whatever situation you are in. A motivator, who will guide you and show you the path which will always help you grow and shine. At a very key point in my life when I was going through a very challenging time, Ehsan stood as a rock beside me and helped me sail out both professionally and personally. His effective intelligence, power of expression, decision-making skills and group influencing ability stand him out and make  him what Ehsaan is know for.

Ranjit Nair

Senior Project Manager, Westpac Group

Ehsan was instrumental in developing my foundational skills in leadership turning a naive younger me who assumed everything has to be linear in corporate world and in life to someone who can manage conflicts, expectations and navigate what life throws at you. Along with these, another key skill I picked up from Ehsan and has helped me to take off career is -'Creating value-based propositions' and I still rely on it to work my way out of most of the conversations.

Yesh Kalva

Principal Data Engineer and Architect, BHP

I feel privileged to have worked with Ehsan. Among many things I learned from him, the ability to think outside the box has helped me the most. Ehsan has helped me break out of my limitations that have allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I always admired him for his art of articulation and diplomacy. I never saw him as a manager rather a true leader and mentor as he is easy to approach and always willing to guide, even if someone is not part of his team. I respect Ehsan for his high sense of integrity and fairness.

Jeswant Thombarapu

Delivery Manager, Hub24

Senior professionals and Industry leaders say

Shailendra Top 10 Global Analytics thought leader, author and speaker

Ehsan is a Connector, Strategist and Thought leader in career transformation space

Jay Hira Director, EY

Ehsan has a knack for asking great questions. He has all the ingredients of a true coach

Ratan Kumar VP & Business Head -Insurance (South) Citibank India

Ehsan is an Outstanding listener. He summarised my 1-hour rant about myself in 60 seconds in a way it mesmerized me.

Vidhya Veeraraghavan Vice President AI Delivery, Standard Chartered Bank

Ehsan is a Master Motivator and Confidence Builder. He sees strengths in others that we can't see ourselves

Rajesh Bhaskar Tech Entrepreneur, Ex Country Head for HCL and Polaris

Ehsan helped me land a conversation with a top crypto entrepreneur where I was already denied access.